A recent survey commissioned by Purina, involving 600 pet adopters, uncovers profound satisfaction among those who have rescued animals from shelters.

According to the findings, an impressive 76 per cent of respondents regarded the experience of adopting a pet as valuable as raising a child. Even more remarkably, eight in 10 individuals expressed that rescuing a pet from a shelter stands as the most rewarding thing they have ever done.

Fulfilling and Life-Saving Adoptions

For a significant portion of adopters (59 per cent), the belief that they have “saved a life” is a pivotal factor in their decision to adopt. Thirty per cent of respondents find fulfilment in providing a loving home for their rescued pets, while 63 per cent derive immense happiness from witnessing their furry companions become happier in their new environment.

The positive impact of pet adoption extends beyond individual satisfaction. A notable 94 percent of respondents perceive their pets as integral members of their families. Furthermore, almost two-thirds (63 percent) believe that their family units have strengthened since the adoption of their pets, underscoring the broader positive influence of these heartening adoptions.

Learning Compassion and Building Trust

A noteworthy aspect highlighted by the survey is that 76 per cent of respondents acknowledged that adopting a pet helped them learn to care about someone other than themselves. Additionally, half of the participants expressed joy in observing their pets become less fearful, emphasizing the transformative impact of these adoptions on the animals’ well-being.

Martina McChowat, Brand Experience Lead for Purina.co.uk, provided insight into the significance of pet adoption, stating, “Adopting a pet can really feel like you’ve saved a life, as well as enriching your own through the multiple benefits that we know owning a pet can bring.”

Looking ahead, the survey indicated a positive trend towards responsible choices in pet acquisition. If given the opportunity, only 5% of respondents would choose to buy from a breeder instead of rescuing another pet. This shift in preferences suggests the enduring positive experiences of adopters and the growing awareness of the benefits associated with shelter pet adoptions.

Diverse Range of Adopted Companions

Cats, dogs, and rabbits emerged as the most commonly adopted animals, with a few respondents even rescuing chinchillas, budgies, and snakes. This diversity in adopted companions highlights the willingness of individuals to open their hearts and homes to a wide range of animals in need.

For those contemplating pet adoption, Purina offers valuable insights by interviewing a recent dog adopter. The adoption interview provides a comprehensive understanding of the adoption process and the positive impact it can have on one’s life.