VetHelpDirect, a prominent provider of pet care solutions, has introduced the UK’s first veterinary price comparison platform, responding to the increasing demand for transparent pricing information within the veterinary industry.

In a recent survey of over 1700 pet owners, VetHelpDirect found that 70 percent expressed a desire to compare veterinary prices. However, more than 40 percent of those attempting to do so faced significant challenges (Opinion Matters, Jan 2024). Recognising this need, VetHelpDirect has developed a groundbreaking solution to empower pet owners with the information necessary for making informed decisions about their pets’ care.

Revolutionising Price Comparison for Veterinary Services

The newly launched platform enables pet owners to compare prices among both independent and some corporate-owned veterinary practices across the UK. By creating a basket of standardized prices, the tool offers clarity on where practices stand in relation to the local average. This feature becomes crucial considering the substantial nationwide variations in veterinary service charges.

The introduction of this tool aligns with the ongoing investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) into veterinary pricing practices. Surprisingly, less than 1% of surveyed practices disclosed their prices online, highlighting a significant transparency gap in the industry.

Founder of VetHelpDirect, Dr. Susie Samuel MRCVS, underscores the importance of transparency in pricing. She notes that the lack of transparency can create an impression that practices are concealing their prices, making it challenging for pet owners to gauge costs. Dr. Samuel explains that while high prices may indicate a different service level, understanding the provided service level can be challenging for pet owners. Not every owner requires ‘gold standard’, human-level care, and VetHelpDirect aims to bridge this information gap.

Encouraging Inclusivity for Practices of All Sizes

As the majority of vet practices in the UK are owned by larger groups, market differentiation becomes increasingly crucial. VetHelpDirect encourages practices of all sizes to participate in this initiative. The platform also promises to share comprehensive information about practices, regardless of whether they are subscribed to VetHelpDirect or not.

For additional details about VetHelpDirect’s veterinary price comparison platform and to experience it firsthand, pet owners and practitioners alike can visit