The Innocent Hound, a manufacturer of luxury dog treats, has introduced a new product for the festive season: a refillable Christmas Bauble filled with air-dried British game treats. Targeting pet owners wishing to indulge their dogs with a special Christmas treat, the bauble presents a unique and delightful gift option.

Founder Chloe Heaton shared, “We’re delighted to introduce our festive treat-filled bauble. Encompassing a beautiful decoration with tasty treats, we’re sure the bauble will be a hit with dogs and their owners alike. It makes a wonderful gift.” The treats, made with 60% British venison and duck, are not only a tasty delight but also a great source of protein for dogs, ensuring a blend of indulgence and nutrition.


Aesthetically Pleasing and Nutritious

The Christmas Bauble from The Innocent Hound is not merely a decoration but a source of nutritious treats, offering 60% British venison and duck, prepared using a unique air-drying method. Presented in a beautiful box, it promises to be a tasteful addition to festive decorations and a delightful surprise for canine companions.


A Sustainable Festive Offering

The bauble, being refillable, also provides a sustainable option for pet owners, allowing for continued use in future festive seasons, thereby combining aesthetic, culinary, and eco-friendly appeal in a single offering.

In essence, The Innocent Hound’s Christmas Bauble is poised to bring festive cheer to dogs and their owners alike, merging decorative and culinary delight in a single, innovative product.



This product is available for a limited time only while stocks last. Contains 50g, RRP £8.50.

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