Woodgreen Pets Charity has teamed up with pet food brand Pooch & Mutt to facilitate the adoption of dogs this Valentine’s Day.

The collaboration aims to leverage the emotional connection people establish with dogs through rehoming profiles, with Pooch & Mutt initiating a dedicated photoshoot to expedite the adoption process.

A Heartwarming Photoshoot to Fast-Track Adoptions

Understanding the profound impact of visual connections, Pooch & Mutt orchestrated a heartwarming photoshoot for Woodgreen’s deserving dogs. The Valentine’s Day initiative seeks to capture the essence of each dog’s personality, fostering a deeper connection between potential adopters and the animals. The goal is to accelerate the adoption process and find loving homes for these deserving dogs.

In addition to the photoshoot, Pooch & Mutt is extending support by providing Woodgreen’s dogs with monthly supplies of food and treats. The initiative ensures that dogs leaving the rehoming centre experience a smooth transition by continuing to enjoy the same food they are accustomed to. Additionally, Pooch & Mutt is offering samples for the dogs to take home, contributing to their well-being during the crucial initial phase of settling into a new environment.

To assist dog owners in maintaining a healthy diet for their pets throughout their lives, Pooch & Mutt is introducing a lifetime discount on subscriptions.

Woodgreen’s Commitment to Pets and People

Woodgreen Pets Charity, based in Cambridgeshire, has been helping pets and their owners for nearly a century. Beyond rehoming, Woodgreen provides free behavioral advice, financial support for pet care costs, and more, with a focus on keeping pets in loving homes whenever possible.

Emma Frain, Head of Brand at Pooch and Mutt, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are extremely passionate about continuing our partnership with Woodgreen and feel honoured to support the specialist care they offer to hundreds of less fortunate dogs each year.”

Lou McCourt, Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager at Woodgreen, added, “We’re excited to see if this photoshoot will lead to any of the dogs finding their forever homes.”