Kennelpak has expanded its YAKERS range with the introduction of the Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS, a new flavour and health blend for dogs. This innovative product, a first in the UK market, combines enticing flavour with a plethora of health benefits for canine companions.

The Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS maintains the dental health benefits of the original YAKERS flavours, aiding in reducing plaque and tartar, while also being rich in protein and calcium and low in fat. Additionally, the inclusion of cranberry supports immune system functionality and urinary tract health.

Enhanced Nutritional Benefits

The product also features pomegranate, a robust source of antioxidants, and pumpkin seeds, which provide a fibre boost and essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, contributing to digestive wellness and maintaining healthy skin and coat in dogs. Activated charcoal is also incorporated to potentially soothe and alleviate mild gastrointestinal upsets, offering a holistic health chew.

Ellie Hall, YAKERS brand manager at Kennelpak, commented, “We’ve combined taste and health in a way never seen before in the UK market. We believe Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS will soon become a household favourite.” The new flavour, arriving just in time for the festive season, also presents itself as an ideal gift for pets.

Ordering and Additional Information

The Superfoods Cranberry YAKERS is available to order from Kennelpak. More information about YAKERS’ 100% natural dog chews and occupiers can be found on the website.