Paleo Ridge, the UK’s leading raw dog food company, has introduced a festive product, Christmas Turkey & Cranberry, to its seasonal offerings.

The limited-edition feast, now available online and in selected stores for £3.90 per 500g pack, is crafted with high-quality British turkey meat, bone, offal, fresh cranberries, lamb tripe, and finely minced parsnips and carrots, ensuring a nutritious and delicious meal for dogs during the festive season.

A study by Paleo Ridge revealed that 66% of dog owners treat their pets to a special Christmas dinner, with 40% indicating turkey as their dogs’ favourite meat. This insight underscores the potential popularity of the Christmas Turkey & Cranberry feast among pet owners looking to indulge their furry friends during the holidays. Will Green, Director of Sales and Marketing at Paleo Ridge, commented, “At Paleo Ridge we all understand the importance of including our dogs in the festivities, they are family after all.”

A Nutritious and Festive Canine Feast

The Christmas Turkey & Cranberry product not only aligns with canine dietary preferences but also provides a wholesome meal with carefully sourced ingredients. The turkey offers essential proteins, cranberries bring antioxidant properties, lamb tripe provides fatty acids and digestive enzymes, while parsnips and carrots add vital vitamins and minerals.

Limited Availability for Festive Celebrations

Available for a limited period, Christmas Turkey & Cranberry allows pet owners to include their dogs in festive celebrations, ensuring they too can enjoy a special Christmas meal. Paleo Ridge’s commitment to quality and nutrition is reflected in this festive offering, continuing their tradition of providing balanced, nutritious meals for dogs.