Purina, a leading pet care company in Europe, unveiled its PRO PLAN Supplements range in the UK. This marks the culmination of extensive research into pet nutrition, and a deep understanding of pets’ unique requirements.

Purina’s team of pet nutritionists, veterinarians, and expert scientists worked together to craft the PRO PLAN Supplements line. This comprehensive range aims to address specific needs in pets, offering support in mobility as well as natural defences, vitality, skin and coat health, and overall well-being. Additionally, the supplements cater to relaxation needs in dogs.

The launch of PRO PLAN Supplements aligns with a notable shift in the pet care industry. While the use of nutritional supplements among humans has been prevalent for years, the practice is far less common with pets. However, the global pet supplements market is growing strong. Factors such as a growing pet owner population, a preference for natural ingredients, and the humanisation and premiumisation of pet products are driving this shift.

Caring for Pets Like Family

Increasingly, owners consider their pets integral members of the family, and seek proactive ways to enhance their health and well-being. A 2021 Pet Supplement Report reveals that 20% of pet owners in the European Union currently administer supplements to their pets, including powders, oils, capsules, tablets, paste, or chews. Furthermore, a substantial 77% expressed their willingness to do the same if they were confident in the benefits.

Stella Demesticha, Vet & PRO PLAN Business Unit Director at Purina Europe, commented: “At Purina, we believe nutrition is the cornerstone of ensuring long-term health, well-being, and an extraordinary life for your pet. Drawing from over 120 years of pet care expertise, our PRO PLAN Supplements range is expertly formulated to provide targeted solutions for all stages of your pet’s life.”

Purina’s PRO PLAN Supplements offer a convenient way to provide pets with specific benefits. To serve once a day alongside regular meals, the range is highly palatable, ensuring pets eagerly consume and enjoy the products.