Animal Friends Insurance, in collaboration with Joii Pet Care, launches a heartwarming campaign, ‘Suppawt small. Believe big’ aimed at assisting struggling local pet charities across the UK during the festive season.

In the spirit of the season, Animal Friends Insurance invites the public to nominate their local registered pet charities that require a helping hand. This initiative offers nominated charities the opportunity to share in a £50,000 grant. Additionally, Animal Friends’ veterinary partner, Joii Pet Care, will provide free flea and tick treatment to the nominated ‘Suppawt small. Believe big.’ charities, easing the burden of veterinary needs for rescued pets.

Nomination Process and Impact

Individuals are encouraged to nominate their chosen local pet charity before the deadline on December 16, 2023. Animal Friends Insurance ensures a hassle-free process, handling the initiative’s logistics once a nomination is made. A simple click can contribute significantly towards supporting pet charities and positively impacting the lives of animals in need.

This initiative stems from the recognition that smaller pet charities play a pivotal role in caring for abandoned and relinquished cats, dogs, and horses across the country. Amidst financial constraints, these charities strive to provide care and love while waiting to find permanent homes for these animals.

Transforming Lives: A Helping Paw’s Story

As an exemplar of the impact of this initiative, Animal Friends Insurance nominated ‘A Helping Paw,’ a pet food bank, for a substantial donation of £1200. Founded by Tyesha Muncaster in Ashington, Northumberland, ‘A Helping Paw’ aids struggling pet owners, ensuring they don’t have to relinquish their beloved companions due to financial strain.

The donation covers the pet food bank’s annual rent, significantly easing their financial burden. Tyesha Muncaster, overwhelmed by this gesture, expressed her gratitude, acknowledging the donation’s monumental impact on the charity’s sustainability. Patricia Gardiner, Chief Marketing Officer at Animal Friends, emphasised the essential role of these small charities and their significant impact on vulnerable pets’ lives.

‘Suppawt small. Believe big.’

Animal Friends Insurance aims to uplift these dedicated charities during challenging times, recognising their invaluable contribution to the lives of vulnerable animals. By extending a helping hand through nominations, individuals can contribute to providing a brighter Christmas for animals in need.

This initiative by Animal Friends Insurance encourages community involvement by nominating local pet charities, fostering a compassionate and supportive environment for pets in challenging circumstances. Amidst the festive season, participating in this heartwarming campaign offers a chance to bring joy to vulnerable animals and contribute positively to the local community.