Pet owners across the UK are facing hefty repair bills amounting to over £600 million due to damages caused by their four-legged companions, according to new research from Novuna Personal Finance.

The study, which surveyed over 2,000 UK homeowners aged 23 to 50, highlights the significant financial impact of pet-related damages on households nationwide. With three-quarters of respondents (75%) reporting pet-related damage, the cumulative repair cost reaches a staggering £627 million.

Cost Breakdown by Pet Type

Dogs and cats are the primary culprits behind the repair bills, with dogs accounting for over £348 million in damages and cats contributing around £279 million. From soiled carpets and flooring damage to chewed furniture, the mischievous antics of pets are proving costly for homeowners.

The research identifies soiled carpets and flooring damage as the most prevalent issue, affecting half of all UK homeowners surveyed. Chewed furniture, ripped upholstery, torn curtains, and electrical damage are among the other common headaches faced by pet owners.

Faced with the daunting task of repairing pet-induced damages, nearly a third of homeowners (32%) have resorted to home alterations to mitigate the antics of their furry friends. This proactive approach, undertaken by over 2 million homeowners, highlights the lengths to which individuals are willing to go to safeguard their properties.

Regional Trends

The study also unveils regional disparities in the prevalence of pet-related property damage. London tops the list, with 49% of homeowners undertaking home alterations to accommodate their pets, followed by Wales (37%) and the East Midlands (35%).

Theresa Lindsay, Director of Marketing at Novuna Personal Finance, commented on the findings, stating, “Despite being a nation of pet lovers, the damage caused by our unruly four-legged friends is leaving an unexpected hole in homeowners’ pockets, as well as their furnishings. With eye-watering repair bills of over £1,000 for many households, it demonstrates the lengths we’ll go to keep our furry friends happy, but also the importance of planning for unexpected costs.”