Rachel Bean, a dedicated veterinary nurse from Grotton known for her expertise in teaching canine first aid across the UK, has received a prestigious nomination for a national award.

Recognised as the leading figure in canine first aid in the UK, Rachel Bean authored the acclaimed iPET Network qualification in this field, setting industry standards and promoting safety in homes and pet services nationwide. This commitment to enhancing pet safety has earned Rachel a coveted spot as a finalist in the Dog Friendly Awards 2023, a recognition that celebrates her invaluable contributions to canine welfare.

Acknowledging Recognition and Impact

Awaiting the award announcement at an upcoming gala event in the new year, Rachel expressed her delight at the nomination, acknowledging its significance in highlighting the importance of canine first aid. “Life isn’t solely about awards, but such acknowledgments demonstrate the growing appreciation for canine first aid, signifying a positive shift in attitudes,” she stated.

As an ardent advocate for the Safe Pets and People campaign, a national initiative advocating for first aid training among pet professionals, Rachel has extended her expertise globally, teaching life-saving skills in countries like India and Thailand. Her teaching has resulted in learners using these skills to save lives, illustrating the tangible impact of her educational programmes.

Testimonials and Impactful Outcomes

Highlighting the practicality and life-saving potential of her courses, Rachel shared testimonials from participants, including Daily Star pet columnist Catherine Lamb. Undertaking the iPET Network Canine First Aid qualification for a newspaper feature, Lamb recounted a crucial moment where her training proved instrumental.

“My dog Paisley was choking on a piece of cupcake. Thanks to the course, I knew exactly what to do and managed to dislodge the obstruction,” Lamb revealed. “The course potentially saved her life, reinforcing our commitment to supporting Safe Pets and People.”

Winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Kennel Club Head Office in London on 29 Novembe. For those seeking more information on Rachel Bean and her pioneering work in canine first aid, visit her website at www.rachelbean.co.uk.