Cameron Simpson, a skilled barber based in Brighton, has expanded his professional horizons by venturing into the world of dog grooming alongside his barbering career.

Despite a successful career as a barber, catering to celebrity clients like Joe Wicks and Martin Freeman, Cameron felt the need to diversify his skills and indulge his love for dogs. Born in Hong Kong and raised in South London, Cameron underwent training to become a dog groomer to fulfil his desire to pamper and care for furry companions.

From Clippers to Canines

Transitioning from barbering to dog grooming, Cameron now dedicates six days a week to both professions, dividing his time between his barber shop and the renowned Slobber & Chops grooming parlour in Kemptown. He explains, “Working in the same place five days a week can become stagnant, so I wanted to apply the skills that I already know to another forte. This gives me the canine fix I was missing too, getting to see the clients’ gorgeous dogs.”

Despite his expertise in barbering, Cameron acknowledges the stark differences between the two professions. Dog grooming presented unique challenges, including mastering hundreds of breed-specific haircuts and managing the behaviour of restless dogs during grooming sessions. However, the joy of seeing a well-groomed dog’s happy expression makes the effort worthwhile. Cameron reflects, “There is no better feeling when grooming a dog, and they look at you like you’re the best thing in the world, and that’s the thing that keeps me going back for more.”

Slobber & Chops: A Canine Haven

At Slobber & Chops, Cameron thrives in a vibrant community of skilled dog groomers. Owner Sally Keegan praises Cameron’s versatility and contributions, noting his ability to integrate his experience working with humans into his canine grooming endeavours. The parlour, renowned for its expertise and even its line of dog food, provides Cameron with the perfect environment to excel in his dual career path.

With his passion for both barbering and dog grooming, Cameron looks forward to continuing his journey in the vibrant Kemptown neighbourhood, where he can indulge his love for dogs while honing his grooming skills. To learn more about Slobber & Chops and Cameron’s journey, visit