Bella & Duke, a raw pet food and wellness subscription company, has announced its continued support for four new ‘hero’ dogs as part of its ongoing partnership with Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

Established with a focus on pet health and well-being, Bella & Duke partnered with Therapy Dogs Nationwide in 2023. The company continues to fundraise and support the charity’s provision of Animal Assisted Therapies throughout 2024. Bella & Duke donates regularly to the charity and promotes it through various fundraising initiatives. In 2023, the hero dog initiative was launched, providing four therapy dogs with full Bella & Duke subscriptions, ensuring they received a nutritionally balanced diet while performing their vital work. Additionally, Bella & Duke offers a 20% discount on all meals for Therapy Dogs Nationwide volunteers.

Bella & Duke remains committed to optimal pet nutrition, sponsoring four new hero dogs in 2024 to support their therapeutic work. Therapy Dogs Nationwide volunteers take their dogs to schools, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, care centres, and prisons to provide comfort, distraction, and stimulation. The dogs assist with tasks like building children’s confidence in reading through the ‘Paws & Read Scheme,’ recognised by The Kennel Club, and creating calming environments for autistic individuals and hospital patients. All therapy dogs undergo temperament testing, with some dogs having over 10 years of volunteering history.

Hero Dogs Supported by Bella & Duke in 2024

Misty, a seven-year-old Staffie cross, was rehomed from Battersea Dogs’ Home in 2018. She began working as a therapy dog in a Young Offenders unit and The Royal Hospital Chelsea in 2019. In 2021, she joined Therapy Dogs Nationwide, working in HMPs and a Pupil Referral Unit, and bringing joy to residents at Abbeyfield Care Home, specialising in Dementia care. Misty enjoys twice-daily walks, playing with her brother Mac, and eating raw carrot sticks as treats during therapy sessions.

Elin, a three-year-old Borzoi, has been a therapy dog for 18 months, visiting a care home, a primary school, and a special school for children aged 4-19. Elin’s calm demeanour and love for attention, especially from children, make her a soothing presence. She enjoys lounging on her sofas when not on duty.

Bear, a four-year-old Great Dane, joined Therapy Dogs Nationwide at 18 months old. He regularly visits Highdown Prison, Charing Cross Hospital, and various London Ambulance Service locations. Bear loves meeting people and eagerly wears his uniform for visits. He enjoys lounging on the sofa, sunbathing, and walking with his dog friends. Bear also donates blood every eight weeks to the Pet Blood Bank U.K.

Godfrey, an eight-year-old Border Collie, is known for his intelligence and affection. He visits schools for children with autism, supports exam-stressed students, and helps patients in a local mental health hospital. A highlight for Godfrey is attending the A Night to Shine prom night, where he is a beloved figure on the red carpet.

Continued Partnership and Support

James Sturrock, CEO of Bella & Duke, expressed pride in continuing the partnership with Therapy Dogs Nationwide. He said, “We are proud to support our hero dogs initiative and make ongoing donations. We believe dogs have a positive impact on people’s lives, as demonstrated by Therapy Dogs Nationwide’s work.”

Leisl de Lafontaine, a Trustee at Therapy Dogs Nationwide, highlighted the importance of the partnership. “We believe in giving our volunteers the choice on how to look after their dogs. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Bella & Duke, who champion pet health, helping our volunteers make informed choices about their pets. Bella & Duke’s donations help expand our therapy dogs’ presence, supporting those in schools, hospices, hospitals, and more.”

For more information on the partnership, visit Bella & Duke’s Therapy Dogs Nationwide page or