In honour of Kennelpak’s 50th anniversary, the pet care company announced a significant partnership between its natural dog treat brand, YAKERS, and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

As Kennelpak kicks off its milestone 50th-anniversary celebrations, the collaboration with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People marks a two-year commitment. During this period, every purchase of YAKERS natural dog treats will contribute to supporting the charity’s mission of training, enriching, and placing assistance dogs. These dogs play a pivotal role in empowering deaf individuals to lead more independent lives.

Supporting Dogs in Training

Not only does each YAKERS purchase contribute to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, but the natural occupier treats are also actively used in the training process. According to David Robson, a spokesperson for the charity, “YAKERS Chews are a great treat for hearing dogs in training, we use them daily to help keep the dogs in training mentally stimulated during their downtime.”

Claire Clough, Customer Director at Kennelpak, expressed the synergy between YAKERS and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, stating, “YAKERS is a brand with purpose, making it the ideal choice for Kennelpak when it came to partnering with Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Our shared values of compassion and community engagement align seamlessly, and we look forward to making a real difference together.”

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People plays a crucial role in providing specially trained dogs to alert deaf individuals to important sounds, enhancing their overall quality of life. Partnering with YAKERS not only amplifies the charity’s reach but also creates a more inclusive and supportive environment for those with hearing impairments.

Fundraising Activities and Community Engagement

In addition to the collaboration, Kennelpak colleagues are gearing up for a series of fundraising activities over the next year. Events will be held across Kennelpak’s retail arm, Pets & Friends, encouraging customers, partners, and the community to join in supporting this worthy cause.

For those looking to contribute, choosing YAKERS products associated with the charity initiative allows customers to make a direct impact on the ongoing success of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. To learn more about YAKERS and the partnership with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, visit