BETA International, a leading trade show for the equestrian industry, proudly announces its partnership with Medical Detection Dogs as the Charity of the Year for 2024.

This collaboration aims to raise awareness and support for the incredible work conducted by Medical Detection Dogs, a charity dedicated to utilising dogs’ remarkable sense of smell to assist humans in various medical conditions.

Founded in 2008, Medical Detection Dogs harnesses dogs’ scenting abilities to detect diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, specific bacteria, and even malaria. Additionally, they provide support to individuals with complex medical conditions like Type 1 diabetes, PoTS, and Addison’s Disease. The charity’s innovative approach not only aids in early disease detection but also enhances the quality of life for those living with life-threatening conditions.

A Shared Vision

Claire Williams, representing BETA International, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the profound impact of Medical Detection Dogs’ work. The synergy between the equestrian community and the mission of Medical Detection Dogs underscores the significance of this collaboration. BETA International looks forward to showcasing the charity’s groundbreaking efforts at the 2024 event through engaging activities and educational opportunities.

Ruth Lister from Medical Detection Dogs expressed gratitude for being selected as Charity of the Year, emphasising the critical role of such partnerships in advancing their mission. With ambitions to expand their groundbreaking initiatives, including deploying bio detection dogs for practical applications, Medical Detection Dogs sees this collaboration as an opportunity to raise awareness and secure vital support. The shared values between BETA International and Medical Detection Dogs underscore the potential for significant positive impact on both organisations and their respective communities.

Attendees of BETA International, scheduled for 22nd-23rd September 2024 at NAEC Stoneleigh, will have the opportunity to learn more about Medical Detection Dogs’ vital work and contribute to their cause. For more information about BETA International and registration details, visit To discover more about the life-saving initiatives of Medical Detection Dogs, visit