Petpals marks two decades of dedicated service to Bracknell’s cherished pets. Established in 2004, Petpals has been a steadfast companion to the town’s furry residents and their devoted owners.

Under the guidance of Nick Skinner, Petpals Crowthorne opened its doors, swiftly becoming a cherished establishment in the pet-loving community. This legacy continued with the stewardship of Ruth Wall, who took over the reins in 2009. In 2018, Peter Lea, a loyal customer turned owner, embraced the opportunity to lead Petpals Bracknell and Wokingham & Sandhurst, ensuring the continuation of premium pet care.

A Proud Tradition

Reflecting on his journey, Peter Lea expressed immense pride in steering a business deeply rooted in the community’s heart. Having been a Petpals customer for over a decade, Peter was inspired to maintain the exceptional standard of care he experienced with his own dogs. With a team of 11  pet carers, Peter has expanded the reach of Petpals, also ensuring more pets across Wokingham, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, and Bracknell receive top-notch services.

At Petpals, every team member is trained, insured, and security-checked, dedicated to delivering professional pet-care services tailored to each client’s needs.

“I think what the past six years have shown me is how much our community has embraced Petpals Bracknell and Petpals Wokingham and Sandhurst, welcoming us into their hearts and homes, and considering us an extension of their family,” said Peter. “To have clients who have been with Nick through to me is truly special. I have one client who says their pooch is more excited to see one of our team members walk through the door than they are to see them! I’m so glad both our clients and their pets have felt the passion that drives our work over the past 20 years.”