New research from Worcester Bosch highlights the extent to which British pet owners prioritise the well-being of their furry companions, even amidst rising energy costs.

The study, conducted for National Pet Month, unveils that a significant portion of pet owners are willing to keep heating and electrical appliances on for their pets’ comfort when away from home.

Pet Comfort Takes Precedence

Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis, the research indicates that pet owners are reluctant to compromise on their pets’ comfort. Approximately one-fifth of Brits admit to leaving the heating on, and nearly a third keep the TV or radio running for their pets while they are out. On average, pet owners spend 20 minutes per day ensuring their pets are comfortable before leaving home.

Emma Brander, a dog owner from Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, echoes this sentiment, expressing her commitment to keeping her whippet, Otis, warm and cosy by leaving the heating on during the day.

The study also sheds light on the increasing adoption of technology to enhance pet comfort and monitoring. While traditional items like toys and beds remain popular choices, there is growing interest in tech solutions such as pet cameras, food dispensers, and voice-enabled devices. Over a third of pet owners already have built-in cameras at home to check on their pets, with younger generations being more inclined towards adopting such technology.

Aaron Gilbert, a cat owner with a built-in camera to monitor his pet, emphasises the peace of mind it provides, knowing that his cat, Merlin, is safe and sound while he is away.

Challenges of Returning to Office

However, as businesses resume full-time office work, pet owners face challenges in caring for their pets while at work. A quarter of respondents have contemplated rehoming their pets due to this issue, with unfriendly workplace pet policies exacerbating the situation. Nearly half of those surveyed report that their workplaces do not accommodate pets, influencing job seekers’ decisions about potential employment opportunities.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Services at Worcester Bosch, advises pet owners to consider efficient heating solutions to ensure their pets’ welfare without inflating energy bills. With practical measures like heating specific rooms and implementing energy-saving practices, pet owners can maintain a balance between pet comfort and cost efficiency.