As the festive season approaches, Burns Pet Nutrition, a renowned healthy pet food company, is set to launch its latest addition to the Christmas menu for dogs – the Festive Turkey recipe.

Building on the success of last year’s Christmas Turkey wet food, now named Wholesome Turkey, this new limited-edition release promises to elevate the holiday dining experience for furry companions. This upgraded recipe combines the familiar flavours of turkey with a medley of festive trimmings, including potato, parsnip, and carrot, creating a delectable and nourishing meal for dogs.

Notably, the Festive Turkey formula is also grain-free, aligning with Burns’ commitment to crafting healthy and safe dietary options for pets. This way dogs can get all the flavour, with none of the downsides.

Include Dogs in Festive Celebrations With the Festive Turkey Recipe

With a firm dedication to providing specially curated Christmas recipes for dogs, Burns aims to discourage the practice of feeding canines with potentially harmful human leftovers. Founder John Burns MBE highlighted the risks associated with offering dogs leftover turkey and stuffing, emphasising the high salt, sugar content – and potential toxicity of certain ingredients like onions.

“We’ve created delicious alternatives to ensure dogs are still very much included in the festivities, whilst also ensuring they eat a healthy and nutritious Christmas day feast,” said John Burns, emphasising the company’s commitment to the well-being of pets during the holiday season.

A Feast for Taste Buds

As the holiday spirit permeates households, Burns Pet Nutrition’s launch of the Festive Turkey recipe underscores the company’s dedication to offering dogs a safe, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meal during the festive season. With its emphasis on creating dog-friendly Christmas dinners, Burns continues to champion the well-being and inclusion of pets in the heartwarming celebrations.

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