The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has unveiled an employment hub tailored to address workplace concerns and provide comprehensive assistance to its members.
This platform consolidates an array of beneficial resources, guidance, and support aimed at addressing employment-related queries and challenges faced by veterinary professionals.New insights gleaned from the Voice of the Veterinary Profession Autumn 2023 survey highlight a significant aspect: one in four veterinarians (26%) express dissatisfaction with the human resources support and management within their workplaces, categorising it as either ‘not very good’ or ‘terrible’. Additionally, the BVA’s free legal helpline, operating 24/7, has consistently recorded contract disputes and grievance procedures among the primary reasons prompting members to seek advice.

Supportive Services for Members

BVA offers a dedicated mediation and representation service through a collaborative alliance with the trade union Prospect, catering specifically to members grappling with employment-related issues. This service also acts as a supportive recourse for BVA members seeking resolution and guidance in addressing workplace challenges, ensuring fair and equitable treatment.

Elizabeth Mullineaux, BVA Junior Vice President, emphasised the importance of fostering conducive work environments, stating, “Effective workplace structures and support are crucial for all, whether employee, employer, or manager. Our aim is to facilitate fair and respectful treatment for everyone involved. This comprehensive hub aggregates the wealth of employment-related resources and counsel provided by BVA, covering essential topics like pay, flexible working arrangements, and employment contracts, offering quick access to resolve common queries in veterinary workplaces.”

Addressing Workplace Challenges

The newly launched hub stands as a repository of expertise, offering expertly crafted guides, relevant articles, and direct access to BVA’s legal support helpline. This comprehensive suite of resources aims to empower members by addressing a spectrum of employment-related challenges commonly encountered within the veterinary industry.

The BVA’s commitment to providing accessible support and resources through this employment hub reflects its dedication to promoting fair and conducive work environments for veterinary professionals across the board.