The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has introduced its latest three-year strategic plan, outlining its commitment to long-term goals and the support of the veterinary profession.

The plan revolves around three core themes – People, Animals, Planet, emphasizing a One Health approach crucial in the current climate emergency. Developed through extensive consultation with the Association’s Council, staff, and Board, the plan charts BVA’s vision, mission, and revised organisational values: Leading, Evidence-based, Proactive, and Inclusive.

BVA Strategic Aims

The strategic plan identifies four key aims:

Leadership and Influence

The British Veterinary Association aims to be a voice for veterinarians, addressing critical issues like the recent XL Bully ban and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) review into veterinary services. Advocating for legislative updates and campaigning on pressing animal welfare concerns, BVA strives to ensure the veterinary profession’s representation at all levels.

Member Support and Benefits

Enhancing member support, BVA plans to offer increased access to online and in-person Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities. The association also aims to expand its array of member resources, introduce a workplace accreditation scheme, and promote employment guides and legal helplines.

Community and Member Engagement

The plan focuses on strengthening engagement within the veterinary community through flagship events like BVA Live and BVA Congress at London Vet Show. By fostering inclusivity and support at all career stages, the Association aims to build ‘a profession for everyone.’

Learning and Career Development

Recognizing the importance of ongoing learning, BVA will bolster its digital offerings, exploring avenues such as podcasts and webinars. The association commits to enhancing in-person events like the careers streams at BVA Live and London Vet Show, in addition to providing career support and recruitment opportunities through Vet Record Careers.

Leadership Perspectives

President Anna Judson highlights the plan’s dedication to supporting and championing veterinarians. The plan is designed to address issues impacting the profession, ensuring vets feel valued and fulfilled in their workplaces.

David Calpin, Chief Executive of BVA, stresses the importance of a robust BVA in the face of various challenges, from regulatory reviews to legislative changes. The strategic plan aims to fortify BVA’s role in championing vet teams and amplifying their voices on critical matters. The Strategic Plan 2024–26 can be accessed here.