The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) has introduced a new informational resource aimed at helping the pet food industry navigate packaging-related regulations and policies.

On 29 May, the PSC unveiled its Packaging Legislation Tracker, a tool designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest packaging requirements that could influence business decisions. This resource organises information by region, ensuring quick and relevant access to essential regulation details.

Comprehensive Resource for Pet Food Businesses

The Packaging Legislation Tracker is intended to offer insight into how various regulations may affect pet food operations and guide businesses on where to find additional information. Ali Boden, Senior Packaging Manager with PSC, stated, “This tool provides a comprehensive list of packaging-related regulations for the pet industry and can help you piece together how it could apply to your pet business and the type of packaging you work with.”

Boden highlighted that the streamlined approach of the tracker allows businesses to spend less time researching and more time implementing strategic changes. These changes can help reduce costs, stay ahead of compliance needs, and identify opportunities for sustainable growth.

Regional Coverage and Future Expansion

Currently, the tracker includes packaging-related regulations and policies affecting the pet industry in four key regions: the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union (EU). There are plans to expand coverage to non-EU countries, Australia, and New Zealand in the future. Each region’s information can be sorted and filtered based on specific needs.

The coverage reflects PSC’s thorough research, offering an overview of significant bills, directives, policies, and regulations, along with resources for further exploration. Boden noted, “Keep in mind that in this ever-changing landscape, there could be some outdated information, but at least there are resources to find further information. We will be updating this on a biannual basis. So mid-April was the last update, and we intend on doing another big update in mid-October.”

Detailed Legislative Information

Each region has its own tab on the tracker, providing a full list of applicable legislation types, broken out by state, province, or country. The information can also be further broken down by the type of governing body. Within each row, users can also find details on the last update, the state of enactment, the name of the bill or act, its description and purpose, current status, enactment date, enforcement date, and more.

Boden explained that there is a section detailing how these bills could impact the pet industry, including the types of businesses likely affected by the legislation and breakdowns within the pet supply chain. She remarked, “There are a lot of bills and regulations targeting packaging in the pet industry space. This is a lot of information. We have over 100 pieces of regulation across all four regions represented here. It can be very overwhelming, so I’m excited to share this tool in hopes it will help clarify some of this information for the pet industry.”

The Packaging Legislation Tracker is poised to be an invaluable tool for pet food businesses, providing crucial information to help navigate the complex landscape of packaging regulations. By offering a clear and organised view of relevant legislation, the tracker aims to support businesses in making informed decisions and fostering sustainable growth.