New research conducted by pet superstore Jollyes has revealed that three-quarters of Brits are planning to buy Christmas gifts for their pets this holiday season.

The survey, encompassing over 1,000 respondents, delved into Brits’ sentiments about pets during Christmas. An astounding 75 percent of UK pet owners admitted to indulging their furry companions with special gifts during the holiday season. For many, this act of gifting transcends materialism, representing a heartfelt gesture of affection and care towards their cherished four-legged family members.

Spoiling with Gifts: A Festive Tradition

Beyond their own pets, the festive spirit extends generously, with over 60 percent of respondents expressing the practice of purchasing Christmas presents for other people’s pets. This widespread act of giving underscores the shared compassion among pet enthusiasts, fostering a warm and nurturing environment for all pets during this celebratory period.

Highlighting the central role pets play in Brits’ lives during Christmas, the survey revealed an endearing tradition: 70 percent of UK pet owners enthusiastically welcome other people’s pets into their homes for the festive period. This gesture ensures that no pet is left lonely or excluded, especially if their owners opt for celebrations abroad or in locations where pets aren’t accommodated.

Moreover, a staggering 70 percent of respondents affirmed their commitment to prioritising their pets’ needs during celebrations, displaying a readiness to depart from gatherings early to ensure their furry companions’ happiness and safety.

Pet Safety Concerns: A Real Challenge

Amidst the joyous festivities, the survey also shed light on the challenges faced by 35% of pet owners who encountered emergency situations involving their pets during Christmas. This sobering statistic underscores the necessity of preparedness and vigilance to safeguard pets amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.

Safety Tips for Pet Owners from Jollyes

In a bid to promote pet safety during the holidays, Jollyes has outlined common Christmas choking hazards that pet owners should be mindful of:

  1. Tinsel & Christmas Ornaments: While adorning homes with tinsel and ornaments, pet owners should ensure these items are kept out of pets’ reach to avert potential choking hazards.
  2. Nuts: From nuts to dried spices, food items can pose a choking risk. If consumed, these can lead to choking or allergic reactions in pets, warranting careful placement and supervision.
  3. Batteries: With the influx of new toys and gadgets, pet owners should be vigilant about keeping batteries out of pets’ paths, securing battery compartments to prevent accidents.

Ensuring a Safe and Joyous Celebration

While 75% of pet owners proactively take measures to ensure pet safety during Christmas, Jollyes advocates for thorough vigilance and preparation to mitigate any potential risks. Taking heed of these safety precautions can help pet owners navigate the festive season with their furry companions in a secure and joyous manner.