In an exciting development for dog lovers, has launched the country’s first beachside food van exclusively for furry companions, aptly named “Fetch of The Day.” This unique culinary experience for canines offers a delightful twist on traditional British seaside meals. The van made its grand debut on Brighton Beach, surprising both dogs and their owners.

The launch of Fetch of The Day comes in response to a recent study revealing that almost half (49 percent) of dog owners regularly catch their four-legged friends attempting to devour their own favorite human meals during summertime outings. The survey, conducted among 2,000 British dog owners, found that 55 percent admitted their pets were more likely to indulge in human food at informal gatherings, such as beachside barbecues, relinquishing control over their nutritional intake. Furthermore, 42 percent reported an increase in this behavior during the summer months due to the prevalence of casual outdoor dining, with some confessing that their dogs snatched food from their plates up to three times a week.

The concern over the impact of such eating habits on their dogs’ health and nutrition was shared by a majority of British dog owners, with 56 percent expressing worry. In response to these concerns, has embarked on a mission to offer a healthier alternative for the growing number of canine companions frequenting UK beaches.

Fetch of The Day allows dog owners to treat their furry friends to a variety of delicious snacks that not only satisfy their taste buds but also meet their nutritional needs. The menu includes Barking Burgers, which are rich in protein and served with a fiber-rich sweet potato bun, packed with essential vitamins and minerals. For those looking to maintain their dogs’ lustrous coat and healthy teeth, the Seaside Salmon Cones are an excellent choice. And to beat the summer heat, dogs can relish the frozen Watermelon Bites, a refreshing treat on a sunny day.

Dr. Sean McCormack, the Head Vet at, warned about the potential dangers of feeding dogs excessive human food. He stated, “We’re all guilty sometimes of slipping our pups a morsel from our dinner plate, or treating them to something delicious just for being good, but too much human food can be really harmful. First, it’s often laden with fat and sugar, meaning calories galore, and our studies have found that weight gain in dogs can reduce their lifespan.”

Dr. McCormack further emphasized, “A little snack to us might be the same as half a small dog’s daily allowance—it all adds up. Some foods can cause serious harm, inflaming the pancreas or causing toxicity. So lay off the snacks if you want a healthy hound.”

The statistics reveal the extent of the challenge faced by dog owners, with 20 percent admitting to having their sausage rolls devoured by their canine companions while enjoying a day at the seaside. Additionally, 17 percent reported losing their fish and chips to their furry friends.

The Fetch of The Day experience offers a range of Step, Treat, Eat, Repeat activities, ensuring that dogs of all sizes and heights can partake in the limited edition menu items. It’s not just the delectable treats that make this experience memorable; dogs visiting Fetch of The Day can also relax on reclining deck chairs while savoring their cones or rehydrate in the dedicated water bowl area.

Dr. McCormack concluded, “At, we understand that every dog is different, which is why we take pride in offering food and treats tailored to cater to various canine needs. Fetch of The Day has provided us with the perfect opportunity to educate pet owners on how to manage their pets’ diets, ensuring they lead happy and healthy lives.”

Top 20 Human Foods Eaten By Dogs

1.     Sausages

2.     Biscuits

3.     Roast dinner

4.     Burger

5.     Chips

6.     Pizza

7.     Hot dog

8.     Crisps

9.     Sandwiches

10.  Steak and chips

11.  Meatballs

12.  Ice cream

13.  BBQ

14.  Breaded chicken

15.  Chicken burger

16.  Sausage and mash

17.  Fish and chips

18.  Steak pie

19.  Salmon and veg

20.  Cakes


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