In a tragic incident, retired vet Antony Harrington was discovered dead in his garden in Warwickshire last November. The investigation revealed that Mr Harrington died after being mauled by seven dogs.

The 77-year-old widower reportedly succumbed to cardiac arrest due to multiple bite wounds sustained in the attack, with some reports indicating that his clothes were torn from his body during the attack.

According to sources, Mr Harrington, who had a profound affection for animals, owned one of the dogs involved in the attack, while the remaining dogs were believed to be owned by a friend. Among the pack of dogs were Bernese mountain dogs, known for their large size and generally gentle temperament.

Ongoing Investigation

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain commented, “The BMDC of GB is aware of the tragic death in November of Tony Harrington who was known to some of our members. The Club’s sympathies and thoughts are with Tony’s family and friends. This incident is still being investigated by the Police so the club cannot comment on the circumstances nor anyone nor any dogs who may or may not be implicated in this tragedy.
“If the investigation ultimately concludes that any Bernese Mountain Dog was directly involved in Tony’s death we can only say that this would be completely at odds with the general temperament and long standing reputation of the breed, which is normally known for its benevolent character. The Bernese temperament is an important part of our breed and good breeders will always make this the main priority in breeding choices.”

Warwickshire Police were alerted to the incident when paramedics reported a man in cardiac arrest at Mr Harrington’s residence on Packington Lane, Meriden. Despite efforts to revive him, Mr Harrington was pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said, “He had suffered bite injuries, which were found to be the cause of death. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Investigations are still underway, with seven dogs seized from the premises. A 75-year-old woman from the Coleshill area was arrested on suspicion of owning a dog dangerously out of control and has been bailed pending further inquiries.