Jean Wilson, a dedicated pet enthusiast based in Richmond, has created a buzz with her innovative Doggie Swimming Club. The initiative, which has gained traction among dog owners and their beloved companions, is reshaping the way dogs partake in aquatic play and exercise in the Richmond area.

Jean Wilson, the proprietor of Petpals Richmond, established her business in 2010, driven by her ambition to meld her entrepreneurial spirit with her love for animals. Over the years, she has catered to animals of all shapes and sizes, earning a stellar reputation for her services. The launch of the Doggie Swim Club marks her latest venture, providing an array of novel and exclusive offerings to her clientele.

“Since launching Petpals Richmond 13 years ago, I’m proud to have gained a 5-star reputation for the services I offer,” said Jean. “One day, it struck me – if 5-star hotels provide courtesy swimming pools as part of their packages, then why shouldn’t I?”

Tailored for dogs to revel in water-based enjoyment within a secure and controlled setting, Petpals Richmond’s Doggie Swim Club serves as an effective means of acquainting dogs with aquatic environments and training exercises. The facility offers an excellent platform for training purposes, such as teaching recall using toys or preferred balls. Additionally, group events can be organised, catering to agility training and ensuring show dogs are primed for competitions.

“Whether a dog loves diving off docks or just enjoys a swim, our pool is perfect,” explained Jean. “It’s a fun way to exercise and teach puppies to swim and, on hot days, it’s a cool way to play fetch. Some dogs aren’t natural swimmers, but our controlled environment helps them gain confidence. This way, owners can have peace of mind knowing that if their dog finds themselves in the water someday, they’ll handle it with ease.”

Petpals is a leading pet-care provider, with over 150 branches dispersed nationwide. The brand delivers a diverse spectrum of distinguished services, encompassing dog walking, pet sitting, and even pet transportation. Jean, being fully trained, insured, DBS-checked, and adorned in uniform, caters to the Richmond, Northallerton, and Catterick areas.

“Since starting the Doggie Swimming Club, I have seen huge improvements in the fitness and water confidence of our clients’ dogs,” said Jean. “The pool has been great for dogs who may be overweight – one minute swimming is equivalent to around four minutes of running! – and we’ve even had dogs who were tentative swimmers become pool pros!”

Beyond the physical benefits, it is the infectious grins and wagging tails that truly make the Doggie Swim Club worthwhile for Jean, “The dogs just love it! Seeing their joy and excitement during our sessions is the ultimate reward.”