Agency51, a prominent UK-based BigCommerce development agency, clinched the prestigious BigCommerce EMEA B2B Excellence Award for their exceptional work on the Pedigree Wholesale website launched in August last year.

The awards ceremony, held in April at the Leadenhall Building in Central London, honoured the outstanding contributions of leading BigCommerce partners in the EMEA region. Agency51’s win in the B2B Excellence category underscores their adeptness in addressing the intricate requirements of Pedigree Wholesale’s website and leveraging B2B product features like multiple price lists, open APIs, and customer groups.

Daniel Warren, Managing Director of Agency51, expressed delight at the recognition, affirming the agency’s status as a preferred partner and a specialist in B2B BigCommerce implementations. He emphasised Agency51’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions for business-to-business clients.

Pedigree Wholesale’s Perspective

Chris Simmons, Head of Ecommerce at Pedigree Wholesale, lauded the success of the BigCommerce project, attributing it to the alignment between their vision and the agency’s expertise. He commended Agency51 for their dedication and proficiency in bringing the project to fruition, creating a platform that resonates with Pedigree’s “Customer First” ethos.

The BigCommerce website developed by Agency51 stands as a testament to Pedigree Wholesale’s commitment to enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. With features such as real-time integration with Pedigree’s SAP ERP system, multi-user customer accounts, and robust stock management capabilities, the site embodies Pedigree’s forward-looking approach to ecommerce.

In addition to winning the B2B Excellence Award, Agency51 was also a runner-up in the Excellence of Delivery category and Partner of the Year category at the BigCommerce Awards. Alex Nolan, BigCommerce Partner Manager, commended Agency51 for their dedication and skill in delivering complex B2B ecommerce projects, highlighting their invaluable contributions to the industry.