Herbal pet care specialists at Dorwest Herbs have introduced a comprehensive rebrand of their packaging for supplements, topicals, and homeopathics.

Initiated a year ago, the rebranding project prioritized customer insights. Nearly 1000 survey responses from retail and trade customers, partners, and ambassadors were collected, shaping the updated brand proposition and customer profile. Dorwest aimed to retain its herbal expertise while enhancing the customer experience.

Key Changes in the New Packaging

The revamped packaging incorporates feedback to offer a more user-friendly experience. Notable changes include:

  • Enhanced Navigation: Category icons facilitate easy shopping by specific conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Introducing bio-plastic tablet pots crafted from renewable plant-based resources.
  • Clarity in Naming and Illustration: Clearer naming conventions and updated herbal illustrations.
  • Category Signifiers: A tweaked colour palette to distinguish product categories.
  • Flagship Recognition: The addition of a silver band for the Expert Collection, signifying flagship products.

Commitment to Sustainability

Survey findings emphasized the importance of sustainability to customers. In response, Dorwest has transitioned to bio-plastic tablet pots made from renewable plant-based resources, aligning with eco-friendly practices. Furthermore, the brand has adopted 100% plastic-free delivery packaging to bolster its commitment to environmentally conscious operations.

Jo Boughton-White, the Managing Director, expressed the significance of the rebranding project, attributing its success to customer feedback. She stated, “We’re proud to have such amazing customers, some of which have shopped with us for over 40 years!”

Dorwest Herbs received the Best B2C Performance for Pet & Livestock at the Direct Commerce Awards 2023 and was named Online Business of the Year at the PIF Awards 2022.