Lancashire-based entrepreneur Gemma Connolly, the mind behind Scoff Paper, a distinctive brand of edible greeting cards for dogs, has successfully secured substantial backing from Sara Davies, a renowned investor from BBC Dragons’ Den.

This strategic partnership aims to propel Scoff Paper to new heights within the flourishing pet treat market.

Gemma Connolly, a dedicated volunteer guide dog puppy raiser, presented her unique business concept on Dragons’ Den alongside Leo, a young golden retriever. Her innovative idea and determination to build Scoff Paper from the ground up captured the attention of Sara Davies. Gemma’s journey involved pioneering manufacturing processes and machinery, setting her brand apart in the competitive pet industry.

Dragon’s Investment and Strategic Collaboration

Impressed by Gemma’s entrepreneurial spirit, Sara Davies offered £50,000 for a 25% stake in Scoff Paper, with an additional option to reclaim 5% if Sara recoups her investment within the first 12 months of their collaboration. Sara, renowned for her business acumen and retail expertise, aims to leverage her industry knowledge to expand Scoff Paper’s reach across the UK and internationally.

Gemma Connolly expresses her gratitude, stating, “I’m over the moon that she chose to invest in my little company that’s got its eye on global domination. After all, is there a dog on this planet that doesn’t love a tasty treat? With Sara’s know-how and support, I can put 100% of my time and focus into our business and get the bespoke manufacturing facility running at maximum capacity.”

Sara Davies shares her excitement about the collaboration, saying, “I’m excited to work alongside Gemma to mentor her through the next exciting stage of growth as she goes on to inspire dog owners around the world to celebrate their pets’ special occasions with edible cards.”

With Sara’s backing, Gemma aims to make Scoff Paper a household name, offering dog owners a delightful way to celebrate their pets’ special moments. The collaboration is expected to enhance Scoff Paper’s production capabilities and establish its position as a global leader in the unique niche of edible greeting cards for dogs. The pet industry can anticipate a new wave of innovative and celebratory products for our canine companions.