Totton’s Healthy Pet Store launched its ‘Puppy Natter,’ inviting furry pals and their paw-rents for an hour of mingling, learning, and tail-wagging fun.

At the heart of this monthly initiative is a dedication to aiding puppies in building confidence around both humans and their fellow four-legged friends. The session, led by head dog behaviourist Jeanette Muldoon from The Family Dog Club Ltd, welcomed an adorable array of breeds, including Cleo the Golden Retriever, Peter the Springer Spaniel, and Keira the Chihuahua, among others.

Puppies Unleash Fun while Learning

The recent meet-up, designed to foster a comfortable environment for puppies to socialise, play, and pick up essential training cues, encouraged owners to engage in discussions and gain valuable insights into puppy care, wellbeing, and overall upbringing tips.

Managing Director Deborah Burrows emphasised the significance of socialisation in a supervised setting, stating, “Learning to socialise in a safe environment is crucial for puppies. It boosts their confidence and equips them to handle various situations as they grow into well-rounded adult dogs.”

Supporting Puppies and Paw-rents

Deborah highlighted the benefits of Puppy Natter, providing a platform for caregivers to exchange experiences, seek advice from professionals, and allow their furry companions to frolic safely. Acknowledging the challenges faced by first-time dog owners, she underscored the added support this initiative offers during the formative puppy years.

The Healthy Pet Store aims to continue this valuable initiative, hosting Puppy Natter on the second Saturday of every month, open to all puppies without the need for prior bookings.

For further details about Healthy Pet Store and the Puppy Natter sessions, visit or connect via social media @healthypetstore.