Pet Hamper, the Preston-based online luxury pet supplies retailer, has ventured into the physical marketplace by opening its debut store. The store’s opening signifies a strategic expansion following the company’s online success.

Launched amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Pet Hamper has been a go-to source for luxury items for dogs and cats. Capitalising on its online triumph, the company has now opened its maiden brick-and-mortar store. The store is distinct from traditional pet shops and features a contemporary design with cosy furniture, a chill-out area, and arcade games.

Pet Hamper’s retail space presents a unique experience for customers and their pets. The products, including those featured in the company’s custom hampers, are meticulously chosen from global suppliers and are displayed on well-lit, recessed shelving.

The store’s inauguration attracted the attention of the brand’s followers, drawing customers from Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, and Greater Manchester. Emily Benson, who led the store’s design and installation process alongside co-founder Mark Jackson, stated, “We sought to create an inviting and fun space, where customers could take their time and engage with us about pet gifts or pet ownership in general.”

The physical store has been positively received by customers, as evidenced by the glowing reviews it has garnered since its opening.

Pet Hamper is the brainchild of Emily Benson and Mark Jackson. The idea for the business was conceived when Jackson was unable to find a suitable gift for a friend’s pet, leading to the creation of gift hampers for pets and their owners. Following the success of their online store, the duo expanded their business with the opening of their first physical store.

The company’s offerings have also attracted corporate clientele. Its products are available to guests at the luxury Prince Akatoki Hotel in London and are used as incentives by insurance companies such as Animal Friends and Many Pets. They are also offered as rewards to customers of British Gas and Vodafone.

The physical store, formerly an office and storage space for the company, is located in a thriving business community between Preston and Lytham. The community also houses a dog-friendly café, an independent brewer, a hairdresser, and a gym.

On the company’s growth, co-founder Mark Jackson commented, “Opening a physical store, where we could interact with our customers, seemed like the next logical step. We’re delighted with the positive feedback we have received.”

Pet Hamper’s next move involves expanding its physical presence further, with initial plans for pop-up shops in other UK areas during busy sales periods.