STORMBRANDS collaborates with Asda to revamp own-label pet food, embracing the evolving bond between pet ‘parents’ and their beloved furry companions.

In response to the burgeoning pet industry and a shifting perception towards pet ‘parenthood,’ Asda has relaunched its pet food lines – Hero for dogs and Tiger for cats – with a vibrant and playful redesign. Partnering with branding and design agency STORMBRANDS, the retailer aimed to refresh its offerings and resonate more closely with Asda’s overarching brand ethos of ‘Providing brighter living within everyone’s reach.’

Celebrating the Bond: Playful Design and Purposeful Branding

Recognising the transition from mere pet ‘ownership’ to the nurturing role of pet ‘parenthood,’ STORMBRANDS sought to capture the deep emotional connection between pets and their human companions. Through dynamic and engaging photography, the redesign emphasises the anticipation and excitement surrounding feeding time, showcasing the unspoken understanding between pets and their owners.

The agency’s approach integrates a soft and approachable visual identity, featuring a friendly logo that echoes the agility and curiosity of pets, coupled with gentle brand colours to appeal to a younger demographic of pet parents. A warm and reassuring tone of voice conveyed through an emotive typeface further reinforces the intimate relationship between humans and their furry friends.

Simplifying Choices: Clear Communication and Navigation

Navigating through a cluttered and bewildering pet food category posed a challenge, prompting STORMBRANDS to introduce a meticulously structured brand architecture. The redesign strategically incorporates a clear hierarchy of communication, consistent colour coding, as well as life-stage signposting to enhance shopper understanding and ease decision-making.

Zoe Phillipson, Creative Director at STORMBRANDS, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative potential of this project in shaping consumer perceptions and shopping habits. Justine Jackson-Hickling, Asda’s Head of Own Brand Design, commended STORMBRANDS for their innovative approach, acknowledging their ability to redefine the identity of Hero and Tiger brands while aligning with Asda’s broader brand vision.

The redesign extends beyond packaging, encompassing brand guidelines, point-of-sale activation, and communication strategies, aiming to resonate with current consumer trends and simplify the overall shopping experience.