In a recent study conducted by pet nutrition experts PetLab, the earning potential of Instagram’s top earning dogs has been unveiled.

The research scrutinized the follower counts, reach, post impressions, and engagement rates of 100 of the platform’s popular canine profiles, exposing the monetary value these photogenic pets could amass through sponsored posts.

Jiffpom Takes the Crown as Instagram’s Richest Canine

Claiming the title of Instagram’s wealthiest dog is Jiffpom, a petite Pomeranian famed for donning adorable outfits. With a staggering 9.3 million followers, Jiffpom’s sponsored posts could fetch an impressive £42,200, making him one of the most lucrative pooches on the social media platform.

Following closely is Doug the Pug, securing the position of Instagram’s second-highest earning dog. With a substantial following of 3.6 million, Doug the Pug stands to earn up to £20,700 per sponsored post, showcasing the financial potential of Instagram fame in the canine world.

Top Ten Instagram Canines and Their Earning Potential

  1. Jiffpom – Handle: @jiffpom – £42,200 per post
  2. Doug the Pug – Handle: @itsdougthepug – £20,700 per post
  3. Juniper – Handle: @juniperfoxx – £17,700 per post
  4. Tuna – Handle: @tunameltsmyheart – £12,900 per post
  5. Loki – Handle: @loki – £12,700 per post
  6. Maya the Samoyed – Handle: @mayapolarbear – £12,200 per post
  7. Harlow and Sage – Handle: @harlowandsage – £11,200 per post
  8. Marnie – Handle: @marniethedog – £10,700 per post
  9. Maddie – Handle: @thiswildidea – £9,500 per post
  10. Tika – Handle: @tikatheiggy – £8,900 per post

Posthumous Pups in the Limelight

The seventh and eighth positions feature posthumous entries, Harlow and Sage, and Marnie, whose Instagram accounts are now curated by their devoted owners. Despite their absence, their legacies endure, earning up to £11,200 and £10,700 per sponsored post respectively.

Christopher Masanto, co-founder of PetLab, commented, “We love to see dogs all over social media, so we are all for those sharing their pups on Instagram. It’s great, with all these huge followings, to see that so many people are on the same page, and incredible to see how that converts to earning potential for these amazing pets.

“With dogs such as Jiffpom able to bring in close to the average annual salary for a single sponsored post, there is certainly an element of crazy to the results, but one that might be interesting to the owners of any particularly charismatic canines.”