Just for Pets, a family-owned retail chain with 23 stores, has announced the removal of their aviary at Arena Shopping Park in Coventry.

This move marks the end of live animal sales across all their locations. Instead, the company is recommending local rescue centres to customers looking to adopt new pets.

The company has a history of removing rawhide products, pet corrector sprays, and refusing to sell small cages. The decision to stop selling live animals, they explain, aligns with this commitment to animal welfare. The Coventry store was the last of the chain’s branches to sell live animals, and it has always received high ratings for animal welfare and training standards.

Paul Lewis, Managing Director of Just for Pets, explained, “While the store has become known for the aviary and it will be sad to see the birds go, this also gives us the opportunity to offer customers much more in store to improve their shopping experience.”

Emphasis on Knowledge and Customer Experience

Lewis added, “Our team’s knowledge is second to none. They’re passionate about pets and have extensive training, which means Just for Pets will still offer the best products and advice available, while recommending customers explore the option of local rescue centres where possible.”

The announcement has been well-received on social media, with hundreds of engagements from customers supporting the decision. Many have encouraged other pet stores to adopt similar policies.

Just for Pets continues to invest in their stores, including the Arena Shopping Park Coventry branch, with more announcements expected soon.