The Kennel Club has introduced ‘The Dog People’s Manifesto‘ in advance of the upcoming General Election, emphasising the necessity of reforming regulations concerning dog welfare, ethical breeding practices, and aiding owners in looking after their pets.

The comprehensive 8-point strategy tackles crucial issues affecting pet owners and their furry companions, advocating for legal reforms and alternative approaches to enhance dog welfare through education and behavioural modification. The call to action urges the incoming Government to give priority to outlawing electric shock collars and revising laws on fireworks to minimise distress for pets.

Furthermore, there is a plea for backing responsible breeders to ensure that healthy puppies are placed in caring homes, while also addressing obstacles like Breed Specific Legislation and Public Spaces Protection Orders that impact dog walkers. The Kennel Club stresses the importance of promoting education and behavioural change over excessive regulations, allowing law-abiding dog owners to responsibly care for their pets. The manifesto aims to safeguard dog welfare and support owners in providing optimal care for their beloved pets.

Kennel Club’s Comment

Holly Conway, Head of Public Affairs at The Kennel Club, said, “While animal welfare legislation has made strides forward since 2006, we are now at a crossroads. A lot of legislation concerning dogs – whilst positive and well-intended – is poorly enforced, and as such hasn’t been tested. And with calls for even more regulations rife, we must warn of the potentially many unintended negative consequences which could make it more burdensome and complicated for law-abiding, dog-loving people to own, breed and care for their pets.

“Instead we urge focus on education and changing behaviours so that those who want to continue to breed, own and care for pet dogs can do so in a sensible, well-informed and responsible way. As an organisation which invests entirely in improving the health and welfare of dogs and working with responsible breeders, we very much look forward to working with an incoming Government to ensure previous obligations, like banning cruel electric shock collars, are prioritised, and that further measures are put in place to protect dog welfare and to help more owners provide the best care for their pets.”