The Veterinary Cardiology Society (VCS), in collaboration with the Kennel Club, has launched an online survey to enhance understanding of the prevalence and types of heart disease affecting various pedigree dog breeds.

The survey seeks to gather insights that will facilitate a deeper understanding of the necessity for heart testing across breeds and any breed-specific factors that may impact the development of heart disease. The findings will guide future research towards areas requiring additional attention in the realm of canine heart health.

Open to All Dog Owners

Dog owners of all breeds, whether their pets are currently living or have passed away, are invited to participate in the survey. This inclusive approach aims to gather comprehensive data to inform initiatives aimed at improving heart health in dogs.

Charlotte McNamara, Head of Health at The Kennel Club, emphasised the importance of dog owners’ contributions. “Heart disease is a broad term used to describe a range of abnormalities that affect the normal function of the heart,” she said. “We are asking dog owners to kindly spend a few minutes to complete the survey for all dogs owned, either now or in the past, even if they have never been affected by heart disease. The results will allow us to direct new research to areas that require further attention. We thank everyone for taking the time to contribute to this research and for help in improving canine heart health.”

Managed by The Kennel Club, the survey also guarantees the confidentiality of all personal information provided. The data will be collected anonymously to ensure privacy and compliance with data protection regulations. The survey can be completed for dogs who are either still alive or have passed away; the owners of several dogs should complete one survey per dog that they own or have owned.

To complete the survey, click here.