iPET Network has introduced three courses aimed at aspiring veterinary physiotherapists and animal sports massage and rehabilitation therapists, offering a fresh approach to acquiring qualifications in these fields.

In collaboration with leading veterinary physiotherapist Wendy Vaughan of the Academy of Veterinary Physiotherapy, iPET Network now offers a Level 6 Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy, a Level 5 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation, and a Level 4 Diploma in Animal Sports Massage. All qualifications are regulated by Ofqual, ensuring high standards and credibility.

Expert Guidance and Flexible Learning

These comprehensive courses blend practical and theoretical learning across various animal species, with a particular focus on canines and equines. Designed to accommodate learners from diverse backgrounds, including existing dog groomers, equine grooms, hydrotherapists, trainers, and massage practitioners, the qualifications provide a pathway to formal recognition in the growing field of veterinary physiotherapy.

Delivered by Wendy Vaughan and her team at The Academy of Veterinary Physiotherapy, the courses offer a blend of blended learning, flexibility, and accessibility. Candidates will benefit from Wendy’s extensive experience and expertise, gaining insights into advanced study skills, personal and professional development, resilience, and wellbeing tailored to the industry’s demands.

“It was important when we created the courses that they had a strong focus on animal health, behaviour and welfare, including exploring themes such as social licence to practice,” she said.

“There are also key specifics relating to the industry, legislation, regulation and working effectively as part of the multi-disciplinary team, as well as a real focus on anatomy and physiology and musculoskeletal anatomy, with particular focus on function, orthopaedics and neurology, biomechanics and locomotion and exercise physiology including how commonly used equipment effects our animals.

The launch of these innovative courses underscores iPET Network’s commitment to advancing education and standards in veterinary physiotherapy and animal sports massage. With a focus on accessibility, high-quality learning, and industry relevance, these qualifications pave the way for aspiring practitioners to excel in their careers while upholding best practices and standards. Visit iPET Network’s website to learn more about these exciting opportunities for professional development.