Buddy & Lola is pleased to announce their latest collaboration with Roger Black MBE. The Olympic medalist and prominent advocate for health and wellness now stands as the brand ambassador for the esteemed dog-centric business.

Every dog enthusiast recognises the importance of ensuring not only personal health but also the well-being of their canine partners. Roger Black exemplifies this sentiment. Apart from his dedication to his personal athletic health, Roger shares a profound bond with his two dogs, Howie and Daisy. His commitment to their wellness resonates with the core principles of Buddy & Lola, making him an ideal fit for the brand.

Roger’s Favourite: Probiotic Chews
Roger firmly believes in the benefits of a balanced diet for maintaining canine health. A testament to this is his preference for Buddy & Lola’s Probiotic Chews, which he offers to Howie and Daisy on a daily basis. These chews, infused with beneficial bacteria, are designed to support a healthy digestive system. Not only are they advantageous for health, but they also appeal to the canine palate, proving to be a favourite among dog owners.

Aligning Philosophies: Roger and Buddy & Lola
Roger’s admiration for Buddy & Lola transcends their product range. He sees a synergy between his personal philosophy of health and wellness and the brand’s ethos. In Roger’s own words, “Buddy & Lola’s focus on quality, health, and happiness for dogs is simply outstanding. After seeking a probiotic for my dogs, I realised the positive impact they can have on overall health. Howie & Daisy are fans of their probiotic chews, and I appreciate the benefits they offer. Associating with such a devoted and reputable brand is a matter of pride for me, and I am keen to promote Buddy & Lola’s exceptional products.”

Celebrating the Beginnings of a Fruitful Partnership
Buddy & Lola warmly welcomes Roger, Howie, and Daisy to their community. With Roger’s support, the brand anticipates broader outreach on the significance of canine health and wellness. The collaboration invites dog lovers everywhere to partake in this new journey dedicated to the health and contentment of their pets. Keep an eye out for forthcoming updates and insights from Roger and his cherished dogs, Howie and Daisy, as they champion the cause of canine well-being.