As many stride into the New Year with dog walking resolutions, Agria Pet Insurance champions a unique initiative aiming to benefit both dogs and the environment.

Promoting the idea of combining routine dog walks with litter picking, the company encourages dog owners and dog walkers to adopt this eco-friendly habit, fostering a healthier planet while ensuring the well-being of their furry companions.

Exercise Enhancement: A Win-Win for Pets and Planet

For many, increasing exercise tops the list of New Year’s resolutions. Regular dog walks not only elevate the step count for pet parents but also significantly contribute to the overall well-being of their furry pals.

Agria’s ‘Don’t just pick up poo, pick up litter too’ campaign aligns with resolutions for a more sustainable lifestyle. Encouraging individuals to pick up litter during walks and discouraging littering becomes an accessible change that holds the potential to make a substantial collective impact on the environment.

A Safer Dog Walking Experience

The UK faces a growing litter issue impacting the safety of dog walkers and their pets. With concerns rising about potential harm to dogs due to litter, a significant percentage of dog owners fear for their pets’ safety, altering their walking routes or limiting off-lead opportunities to avoid littered areas.

Agria has joined forces with Paws on Plastic, a UK charity dedicated to environmental stewardship. The collaboration seeks to leverage collective action and knowledge to combat littering. The initiative also involves the endorsement and active involvement of Jodie Kidd, an internationally recognised animal rights activist and model, adding momentum to raise awareness and inspire diverse audiences.

The Call to Action: Creating a Litter-Free Environment

Janet Hughes, UK Sustainability Lead at Agria Pet Insurance, emphasised the urgent need for collective action to address the litter problem in outdoor spaces. Highlighting the pivotal role of responsible behaviour, she urges local authorities, communities, and dog owners to collaborate for a cleaner, safer environment for dogs and the planet.

Marion Montgomery, Founder and Chair at Paws on Plastic, echoes this sentiment, urging dog owners to participate in this simple yet impactful resolution, emphasising the tangible difference it makes in protecting animals and preserving the environment.