In a collaborative effort between the UK’s most prominent animal charities and the largest food waste charity, thousands of dogs and cats across England, Scotland, and Wales have received nutritious meals through the Pet Food Partnership, completely free of charge to their owners.

The Pet Food Partnership, comprising Battersea, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, RSPCA, and FareShare, achieved a significant milestone by providing over one million meals to dogs and cats across the UK. Amid a time when many pet owners are navigating financial constraints, this initiative has seen approximately 154 tonnes of pet food donated by leading pet food manufacturers.

Support Amidst Financial Struggles

The ongoing cost of living crisis has profoundly impacted pets and the animal welfare sector, leading to heartbroken owners surrendering their beloved dogs and cats to rescue centres due to financial constraints. Simultaneously, FareShare has witnessed an upsurge in food demand, with more individuals seeking support to feed themselves and their families amidst financial difficulties.

As the nation braces for another challenging winter with soaring energy bills, charities express concerns that many pet owners will face difficulties covering essential living expenses. The provision of pet food through this programme aims to alleviate the financial burden on owners, ensuring that pets receive adequate nutrition during this critical period.

Formation and Collaboration

A spokesperson for the Pet Food Partnership stated, “We recognise the immense significance of pets in their owners’ lives, and we are committed to ensuring that no one faces the difficult choice between feeding themselves or their pets. Our aim is to offer a helping hand to struggling owners and ensure that pet food bowls across the UK remain filled.”

Established in late 2022, the Pet Food Partnership aims to assist owners experiencing challenges feeding their pets during the cost of living crisis. By collaborating with leading pet food manufacturers like Mars Petcare, Lily’s Kitchen, Pets at Home, Purina, and support from Petplan, the UK’s primary pet insurer, this initiative ensures efficient distribution of food through FareShare’s extensive network of over 8,500 community groups and charities across the UK.