In a strategic move aimed at strengthening the human-animal bond, The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) and Synchrony (NYSE: SYF), a prominent consumer finance company, have announced a strategic partnership.

Boo Larsen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Veterinary and Pet Care at Synchrony, expressed the company’s commitment to equip pet parents and veterinarians with knowledge, resources, and financial solutions for comprehensive pet care. Larsen highlighted the collaboration’s goal to enhance understanding of the mutually beneficial power of the human-animal bond, ultimately leading to improved veterinary care.

Synchrony, dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of individuals and their families, including their pets, through flexible financial solutions like the CareCredit health and wellness credit card and Pets Best, finds alignment with HABRI’s mission. HABRI’s focus on substantiating the positive impact of the bond on pet, individual, family, and community health resonates with Synchrony’s objectives.

Fostering the Human-Animal Bond

Synchrony also aims to bolster HABRI’s mission by funding impactful research that substantiates the benefits of companion animals on personal and public health, tackling significant industry issues. Additionally, Synchrony will extend HABRI’s science-based education to its vast network of 25,000 veterinary providers via CareCredit, amplifying awareness of the bond’s crucial role in human and animal health and wellness.

The alliance extends to HABRI’s public policy initiatives, with Synchrony actively participating and advocating legislative solutions that support pet owners and enhance access to pet care. Recently, Synchrony executives engaged in HABRI’s Pet Night on Capitol Hill, fostering dialogue with Congressional leaders to emphasise the significance of pet ownership for human health and wellbeing.

Steven Feldman, President of HABRI, commended Synchrony for not only recognising the importance of the human-animal bond but also facilitating access to veterinary care, thereby preserving this bond. The collaboration with Synchrony’s CareCredit, with its robust presence in human healthcare, marks a step forward in bridging the crucial connection between human and animal health.