On August 26th, the digital realm and airwaves will be flooded with captivating content featuring dogs from various backgrounds, particularly highlighting those from rescues and shelters. Many of these animals are currently housed in kennels, eagerly awaiting a new home and a caring family.

This year’s National Dog Day will not only present images and stories of endearing canines, but will also emphasize the heroism of dogs that serve various purposes, from assisting law enforcement to aiding the visually impaired. The aim is to leverage the power of social media to link potential pet parents with dogs that are still looking for a permanent home. By promoting adoption events and special offers, the day will likely see a reduction in the number of dogs in need.

In alignment with the event, Autotrader will be returning to share its “Best Cars For Dog Lovers” list, guiding individuals in choosing the right vehicle for them and their pets. Meanwhile, Mars Petcare and Hilton have teamed up to offer complimentary CESAR® Canine Cuisine meals for dogs staying at selected U.S. and Toronto-based Hilton Hotels. Further details about their initiative can be accessed at www.BetterCitiesforPets.com and stories.hilton.com.

A significant partnership this year sees National Dog Day collaborating with Elanco Animal Health, a global animal health giant, to endorse its UK-based ACT Against Lungworm campaign. Even though lungworm is a potentially fatal yet preventable parasite in dogs, research from Elanco Animal Health in 2023 indicated that only 21% of UK dog owners are aware of the monthly vet-prescribed preventative treatments. The campaign seeks to elevate awareness about lungworm and promote proactive measures to prevent further infections. To pledge your support or learn more about the initiative, visit www.lungworm.co.uk.

Founded in 2004 by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige, National Dog Day celebrates its 19th anniversary this year. The day originated as a tribute to dogs for their unyielding love and vital services. As Paige remarks, “It’s a day to give back to dogs for all they mean to us… and a day to find as many homes for orphaned dogs as possible.”

How Businesses Can Mark National Dog Day

Celebrated on August 26th annually, National Dog Day, also known in certain regions as International Dog Day, is dedicated to acknowledging the significance of dogs in our lives. It advocates for the adoption and benevolent treatment of dogs, irrespective of their breed.

For B2B Marketing professionals, it offers a prime opportunity to engage with their audiences and partake in various celebratory activities. A few suggestions include:

  1. Organize a day out for employees and their dogs, complete with treats and games.
  2. Collaborate with or sponsor awareness campaigns promoting dog adoption and proper care.
  3. Offer special promotions for dog-related products or services.
  4. Partner with local shelters to endorse adoption over purchasing.
  5. Arrange volunteer opportunities for staff at local animal shelters.
  6. Organize a company photo day, capturing moments with pets.

The core message of National Dog Day is clear: dogs deserve our love, respect, and a safe environment. Businesses have a unique opportunity to champion this cause while fostering community engagement.

Discover more ways to celebrate here: https://www.nationaldogday.com/ways-to-celebrate