Percuro Pet Food, a global leader in insect protein-based pet nutrition, has announced a partnership with The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals (NFRSA).

The partnership aims to support the welfare of retired service animals through a dedicated feeding programme.

The collaboration entails Percuro Pet Food supplying donations to the NFRSA as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative to aid dog charities during the current cost of living crisis. By providing hypoallergenic pet food, Percuro aims to assist in addressing the nutritional needs of retired service animals, ensuring they receive proper sustenance in their retirement years.

About The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals

Established in May 2022 during the National Police Dog Trials, The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals is a registered charity dedicated to supporting retired dogs and horses from various service sectors, including the police, fire, prison, and border force services. The foundation offers assistance with medical and veterinary expenses incurred by these retired animals as they age.

Denise Saber, Founder of Percuro, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals and underscored Percuro’s commitment to promoting the wellbeing of retired service pets and their owners. Saber highlighted the challenges faced by animal charities and dog owners amid rising expenses, particularly in providing nutritious food for their pets.

Saber further outlined Percuro’s initiatives, which include supplying super-premium pet food to feed retired service dogs and making financial donations to the NFRSA for every bag of Percuro sold to its members. Additionally, Percuro is offering discounted pet food to the charity’s 200+ members as part of its mission to alleviate the impact of escalating food costs on pet owners.