As the UK grapples with confusion over pet nutrition, Bella & Duke, a pet food and wellbeing company, is spearheading a campaign for clearer labeling in the pet food industry.

Research conducted by Bella & Duke has unveiled that a staggering three-quarters (74%) of pet owners are unaware of the ingredients present in the food they feed their pets, highlighting the need for transparency.

Demand for Clarity in Pet Food Labeling

Bella & Duke advocates for transparency in pet food ingredients to empower pet owners to make informed decisions for their furry companions. The call for clarity stems from concerns over the quality and nutritional value of pet food products. Shockingly, products labelled with meat ingredients need to contain just 4% of that animal protein, a fact that raises eyebrows among pet owners, with a third (33%) expressing dissatisfaction with this standard.

Bella & Duke stresses the importance of natural nutrition for dogs and cats. The company underscores the need for pet food labels to accurately reflect the ingredients present, aligning with consumer expectations for pet food to be of the same quality as human food. Bella & Duke urges the industry to adopt clearer labeling practices to ensure pet owners can provide the best nutrition for their pets.

Bella & Duke is a vocal advocate for raw pet food diets, citing their nutritional benefits and regulatory adherence. The company highlights certifications such as RawSAFE and UK Pet Food as indicators of quality and safety in raw pet food manufacturing. By promoting transparent labeling and adherence to high standards, Bella & Duke aims to empower pet owners to make informed choices for their pets’ health and longevity.

CEO Perspective and Health Benefits

James Sturrock, CEO of Bella & Duke, underscores the company’s commitment to providing safe and complete raw meals for pets. Sturrock emphasises the need for the pet food industry to adopt higher standards and transparent labeling practices to facilitate informed decision-making among pet owners. Bella & Duke’s annual Health & Happiness survey further reinforces the benefits of raw diets, with a majority of respondents reporting positive outcomes such as weight management, improved coat condition, and alleviation of allergies.

Bella & Duke equips pet owners with knowledge about optimal pet nutrition and offers a range of nutritious, purposeful ingredients in its products. By advocating for transparency and adherence to quality standards, Bella & Duke aims to support pet owners in providing the best possible care for their beloved companions.