The Young Kennel Club (YKC) has announced the winners of its annual Artist of the Year competition, highlighting exceptional talent from Essex. This year, the top prize went to a young dog lover from Witham, Essex.

The YKC art competition encouraged members to express their creativity and showcase their dog artistry skills. All entries were required to feature a dog and fit the theme: “Bright and Bold.” The judges were impressed by the creativity and originality displayed in all submissions.

The Winner and Runner-Up

Bonnie Lloyd, aged eight, was named the overall winner with her artwork titled ‘Forest.’ This piece depicts her dog, Forest, who passed away a few months ago. Bonnie expressed her joy over winning, saying, “I feel so happy and excited to have won first place in YKC Artist of the Year! Forest was the best boy and always loved a hug. The rainbow of colours represent how happy he made me feel, and the flowers are for joy.”

The second place was awarded to 14-year-old Isabelle Wakefield from Harlow, Essex, for her piece “Splatter of Colour.” This artwork portrays a dog enjoying a colourful paddle, inspired by the adventurous times her dog, Ezra, has when in water. Isabelle commented on her achievement, saying, “I’m really happy to have achieved 2nd place after lots of effort being put into my painting. It really has shown that dedication has paid off.”

Helen Kerfoot, spokesperson for the Young Kennel Club, congratulated the winners, stating, “Congratulations to Bonnie on her well-deserved win. We were so impressed with her artwork, which not only met the brief perfectly but is a beautiful tribute to Forest. We would also like to congratulate Isabelle on her vibrant artwork, which really demonstrated her artistic talent. The standard was incredibly high this year, and we are so proud to have such creative young members.”

All of this year’s entries, as well as further information on the competition, can be found by visiting For young dog lovers interested in joining the Young Kennel Club, further information is available at