Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has initiated the National Dog Survey, urging dog enthusiasts to participate in the country’s most extensive dog census.

With over a third of UK households now sharing their space with at least one furry companion, Dogs Trust aims to gather insights on various aspects of dog ownership, including favourite breeds, walking habits, welfare concerns, and behavioural patterns.

Running until June 14th, the National Dog Survey can be conveniently completed online at Dog owners are encouraged to share their experiences and perspectives to contribute to the welfare of dogs across the nation.

The insights gleaned from the survey will shape the services and support provided by Dogs Trust to dog owners nationwide. In response to previous survey findings, the charity launched initiatives such as the Behaviour Support Line and pet food banks, demonstrating its commitment to addressing the evolving needs of dog owners.

Key Findings from Previous Surveys

Last year’s survey, completed by 244,478 owners and providing insights on 348,533 dogs, revealed noteworthy trends:

  • Crossbreeds constitute nearly 11% of all dogs in the UK, with Labradors emerging as the most popular pedigree, closely followed by Cocker Spaniels.
  • Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds witnessed an 85% surge in popularity, despite not ranking in the top ten breeds.
  • 7% of UK dogs accompany their owners to work, although 81% of those who desire to do so face restrictions in their workplaces.
  • Over two-thirds of UK dog owners have taken their pets on domestic holidays.
  • Popular dog names include Poppy, Alfie, Bella, and Charlie.

Owen Sharp’s Perspective

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, emphasised the significance of the survey in shaping dog welfare strategies, highlighting the need for increased participation to gather comprehensive insights and enhance support for dog owners nationwide.

“The National Dog Survey is instrumental in guiding our efforts to improve dog welfare and support dog owners effectively. With the evolving landscape of dog ownership, the insights derived from this year’s survey will enable Dogs Trust to adapt and continue providing invaluable services to dogs and their owners,” commented Owen Sharp.

As the UK’s foremost dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust remains committed to advocating for canine welfare and addressing the diverse needs of dog owners. By participating in the National Dog Survey, dog enthusiasts can actively contribute to shaping the future of dog ownership and welfare in the UK.