Scoff Paper, a Chorley-based company known for its edible greetings cards for dogs, has announced new partnerships with several leading retailers.

The collaborations include John Lewis, Butternut Box, and Daylesford Organic, each launching exclusive product ranges under the ‘In Cahoots’ branding.

Scoff Paper creates the world’s only edible cards for dogs, designed for celebrations such as birthdays and ‘gotcha days’. The cards are available in flavours including chicken, bacon, and cheese. The innovative concept recently gained attention on Dragons’ Den, where Scoff Paper secured investment from Sara Davies.

John Lewis Expands Scoff Paper Range

Following a successful trial in four stores, John Lewis has decided to stock Scoff Paper’s bespoke edible dog cards across all 35 of its UK sites and online. Known for supporting independent British companies, John Lewis has also commissioned an exclusive Christmas collection of edible cards for dogs, reflecting its commitment to offering unique and quality products.

High-end retailer Daylesford Organic has also partnered with Scoff Paper. This collaboration features artwork by the famous artist Hugo Guinness, integrated into a bespoke set of cards. These will be available at Daylesford’s six physical stores in London and the Cotswolds, as well as online. This partnership is the latest in Daylesford’s series of products showcasing British artistry.

Butternut Box Partnership

Scoff Paper collaborated with Butternut Box, a fresh dog food subscription company, to create a special card celebrating Butternut Box’s 7th birthday. The cards were sent out as part of a direct mail campaign to Butternut Box’s customers and were well-received. As a result, Butternut Box has decided to continue this partnership for its 8th birthday celebrations.

Gemma Connolly, founder of Scoff Paper and volunteer guide dog puppy raiser, emphasised the importance of selecting the right partners to reach dog lovers everywhere. “By carefully selecting the right partners, we can work side-by-side with retailers who know and understand their own customers’ needs to develop products that are just right for them,” Connolly said. She highlighted the company’s commitment to exploring more ‘In Cahoots’ partnerships to make it easier for dog lovers to appreciate their pets, regardless of where they shop.

Flexible and Creative Production

Scoff Paper prides itself on its fast-working creative team and bespoke onsite manufacturing facility, capable of producing two million cards per year. This setup allows the company to be flexible and creative while maintaining high standards. Additionally, Scoff Paper offers dog-friendly edible ink pens for writing messages in the cards, and its product packaging is made from sustainable, renewable materials.

Connolly expressed the company’s openness to further collaborations, saying, “We’re always interested to hear from companies, large or small, to do something unique, innovative, and exciting with them. In the past, we have also made bespoke edible dog passports and invitations. The possibilities are endless.”

For more information, visit Scoff Paper.