The Kennel Club has taken a significant step in promoting responsible dog breeding by launching 87 individual DNA tests as part of its expanded DNA Testing Services.
This initiative aims to empower dog owners and breeders with comprehensive tools to safeguard the health of their dogs and contribute to the advancement of genetic research.The Kennel Club’s individual DNA tests provide owners and breeders with the flexibility to select specific tests tailored to their dog’s unique needs. While comprehensive breed-specific packages remain available, the introduction of over 80 individual DNA tests seeks to streamline and simplify the genetic testing process.

Accessible DNA Testing Service

The Kennel Club’s DNA Testing Services are designed to facilitate responsible dog breeding practices by offering cost-effective access to impactful genetic health tests. The service ensures that test results are easily interpreted and accompanied by valuable breeding and care advice. Developed in collaboration with Weatherbys Scientific, this unique offering not only simplifies the DNA testing process but also contributes to canine genetic research. All funds generated through the service are reinvested into ongoing research and health initiatives.

Bill Lambert, Health, Welfare and Breeding Services Executive at The Kennel Club, highlights the premium nature of the service, emphasizing its inclusivity with all-inclusive pricing and no hidden fees. Additionally, regular updates and electronic results complement a seamless process, and additional features include automatic registration of results on a dog’s record, breeding advice, and the support of The Kennel Club’s specialist health team.

Supporting Canine Genetic Research

One standout feature of The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services is the direct support provided to canine genetic research by users. Through data collection and the reinvestment of all funds, dog owners and breeders actively contribute to a collective effort aimed at reducing the prevalence of genetic diseases in dogs.

The DNA testing process involves a straightforward cheek swab, collecting a dog’s DNA sample. This sample is then analysed for markers associated with inherited breed-relevant disorders. The service not only offers insights into a dog’s genetic makeup but also provides guidance to mitigate the risk of producing puppies affected by hereditary conditions, supporting responsible breeding practices.

Ease of Access and Informed Decisions

Test results are automatically recorded on a dog’s record, accessible on The Kennel Club website. This functionality also aids breeders in finding health-tested mates and allows potential puppy buyers to verify if a dog comes from health-tested parents. Understanding a dog’s genetic predispositions equips owners with valuable information for proactive healthcare measures and early intervention, enhancing overall quality of life.

The Kennel Club’s commitment to advancing dog health and genetics underscores its role as the UK’s largest dog health organisation, ensuring that responsible breeding practices are supported through accessible and informative DNA testing services.