In light of the surging pet obesity rates in the UK, UK Pet Food has unveiled an interactive tool aimed at equipping dog owners with essential knowledge and resources. This initiative seeks to address the escalating concerns surrounding dog health due to weight issues.

Designed in partnership with the esteemed human psychologist, Professor Thomas Webb from the University of Sheffield, the tool seeks to foster healthier lifestyles for dogs. With an alarming statistic suggesting that approximately 50% of dogs in the UK are deemed overweight or obese by veterinary professionals, the repercussions are multifaceted. Not only does this affect the dogs’ general health and longevity, but it also leads to increased medical expenses for owners and strains healthcare provisions.

In response to this imminent challenge, UK Pet Food and Professor Webb have crafted a solution that marries psychology and pragmatic advice, enabling dog owners to make enlightened decisions regarding their pets’ dietary habits.


The Role of Owners in Canine Dietary Practices

Central to this project is an insightful quiz named “Who’s in charge when it comes to feeding your dog?”. This quiz delves deep into the feeding dynamics, offering pet owners a mirror into their influence on their dogs’ nutritional routines. Upon completion, individuals receive a bespoke help sheet pertinent to their specific situation. This ensures they are better prepared to tackle potential situations where they might inadvertently overfeed or excessively treat their pets.


Empowering Owners with Behavioural Insights

Tapping into Professor Webb’s profound expertise in behavioural change, the tool provides guidance to dog owners to:

  • Pinpoint triggers that could result in overfeeding or excessive treating.
  • Formulate actionable strategies that foster healthier feeding patterns.
  • Make knowledgeable decisions while picking pet food products.
  • Advocate for a well-balanced diet that suffices their dog’s dietary requirements.


Complementing Existing Obesity Resources

This innovative dog obesity tool complements an array of current body condition charts and other related resources. It is anticipated to have a positive influence on enhancing the quality of life of dogs in the UK. Additionally, it promotes the deepening of the relationship between pets and their owners by championing healthier dietary practices.


“We are committed to combating pet obesity and fostering a better understanding of the importance of a healthy diet for dogs,” said Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science and Education at UK Pet Food. “Our collaboration with Professor Thomas Webb brings a fresh perspective to the problem, bridging the gap between human psychology and pet nutrition.”

Sarah Hormozi, Head of Science & Education, UK Pet Food


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