In a notable development from the heart of Barnsley, premium dog food manufacturer, Walker and Drake, has introduced its latest product to the market, a new wet food, at the renowned PATS Telford event. The company, which has swiftly ascended in the pet food industry since its inception post the first lockdown in 2020, continues to expand its offerings, now venturing into the wet food segment with a product that boasts a commendable 65% meat content.

The wet food, which is not only rich in meat content but also “easily” digestible, adheres to the brand’s commitment to providing grain and gluten-free options for pets. Manufactured in the UK, the product is formulated with all-natural ingredients, ensuring a wholesome meal that can either stand alone or be added to Walker and Drake’s Cold Pressed Food as a topper, catering to the varied preferences of pet owners and the dietary needs of their canine companions.

Offering a duo of flavours, the new range includes chicken with broccoli, and a turkey with duck and carrot variant. Each flavour has been meticulously packed in a 390-gram tetra pak carton, available in cases of 12 cartons. For those seeking variety, a mixed case is also available, providing six of each flavour to keep the canine palate engaged and satisfied.

Walker and Drake’s journey in the pet food industry has been nothing short of remarkable. The company, which embarked on its journey in a challenging post-lockdown environment, has witnessed a substantial surge in the sales of its cold pressed dog food and a range of natural treats. This success has not only been a testament to the quality and appeal of its products but also facilitated the opening of a new £900,000 production facility in the town in 2023, further solidifying its presence and capabilities in the market.

Engaging with the Industry at PATS Telford

Tim Matthews, director and co-founder of Walker and Drake, alongside fellow directors Richard Grant and David Taylor, emphasised the significance of participating in industry events like PATS. He stated, “As relative newcomers to the industry we feel that it is important for us to attend industry events and get our faces and our brand out there. We felt that PATS should be one of the main events we would invest in.”

Matthews underscored the invaluable opportunities to network with buyers and other trade contacts from across the country, which events like PATS provide. He highlighted the challenges that would be faced by industry peers in congregating and sharing insights without such a platform. “The opportunities to network with buyers and other trade contracts from across the country shouldn’t be underestimated. Without a show like PATS it would be difficult for industry peers to get together. It’s the best opportunity to get our brand in front of the trade,” Matthews added.

A Commitment to Quality and Natural Ingredients

Walker and Drake’s commitment to quality and utilising natural ingredients has been a cornerstone of its operations and product development since its inception. The launch of the new wet food range, with its high meat content and easy digestibility, is a continuation of this commitment, providing pet owners with a product that aligns with the nutritional needs and preferences of their dogs.

The company’s journey, from its establishment after the first lockdown to the opening of a new production facility, reflects a trajectory marked by strategic product development and an understanding of the market and consumer needs. The introduction of the new wet food range at PATS Telford not only marks an expansion of Walker and Drake’s product offerings but also signifies its ongoing engagement and presence in the industry, as it continues to navigate and contribute to the evolving landscape of the pet food sector.


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