The rising trend of ‘dogfishing,’ where individuals use pictures with dogs in their dating profiles to attract potential partners, is on the surge, with 20% of Brits falling victim to this dating faux paw, according to a study by raw dog food company, Wild Pack.

Dogfishing, defined as using a dog in a dating app profile picture to lure potential partners, is more prevalent than ever, with 38% of respondents describing it as ‘common.’ The study reveals a significant increase in men dogfishing, as 23% admit to using photos with dogs that aren’t theirs. Additionally, 25% of women are ‘more likely’ to swipe right on profiles featuring a dog, with 20% admitting to being dogfished.

Perceptions and Reasons Behind Dogfishing

The allure of furry friends proves to be a powerful icebreaker in the dating app landscape, with 61% of respondents believing that profiles with a dog are more likely to attract right swipes. Women, in particular, are drawn to potential suitors with canine companions, perceiving them as ‘caring’ (66%), ‘responsible’ (48%), and ‘fun’ (38%).

While 47% find dogfishing ‘unacceptable,’ the trend persists, as 23% of daters admit to using it to their advantage. Even though a significant portion of the population disapproves, the study shows that the appeal of appearing ‘caring’ and ‘responsible’ outweighs societal disapproval.

Wild Pack’s Response: Dogfishing Cross Examination

In response to the dogfishing surge, Georgia Toffolo, dog lover and founder of Wild Pack, has devised the ‘Dogfishing Cross Examination.’ These questions are aimed at helping individuals identify dogfishing culprits and ascertain their true ownership status. Toffolo encourages singles to use these questions if they suspect they’re being dogfished.

Wild Pack’s Dogfishing Cross Examination:

  1. I’m looking for pet insurance. Which provider do you use/recommend?
  2. Do you feed your dog kibble, fresh, or raw food?
  3. How did you come up with your dog’s name, and is there a story behind it?
  4. What’s your favourite activity to do with your dog on weekends?
  5. Which parks do you walk your dog in?

Toffolo states, “I’m sharing the Dogfishing Cross Examination as a way for singles to weed out the fake profiles and make dogfishing a thing of the past.”

Impact and Reactions

The study indicates that 34% of daters express vocal disappointment upon discovering they’ve been dogfished, while 26% of dogfishers admit their dates were ‘visibly upset’ to learn they didn’t actually own a dog.

In conclusion, Toffolo remarks, “So if you have a furry friend in your pic but aren’t showing up with pup in hand, you’re barking up the wrong tree.”