Humanimal Trust has announced that CEO Joe Bailey will be presenting a lecture titled “It’s Time to Connect – One Medicine for Humans and Animals” at the Royal Latin School in Buckingham on Wednesday, 6th March, at 6 pm.

The lecture aims to explore the concept of One Medicine and its potential to ensure equal and sustainable medical progress for both humans and animals. Humanimal Trust, a charitable organization established by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick a decade ago, advocates for the One Medicine approach, emphasizing that all patients, regardless of species, should benefit from advancements in medical science. The focus is on fostering connections, breaking down barriers between human and animal medicine, and encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing to enhance outcomes in both domains.

Free Community Lecture Supported by the Lillingstone Trust

This announcement follows the success of Humanimal Trust’s Education Manager, Rachel Jackson, who conducted a two-day event in March 2023. During this event, Rachel shared valuable insights into the importance of One Medicine with pupils from the Royal Latin School aspiring to become future doctors, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, and researchers.

The upcoming lecture by CEO Joe Bailey is open to the local community and is free to attend. The Lillingstone Trust is providing the funding for this enlightening event, aligning with Humanimal Trust’s commitment to accessible education and awareness.

Event Details and Registration

  • Date and Time: Wednesday, 6th March, 6 pm
  • Venue: Royal Latin School, Buckingham

If you are interested in attending this insightful lecture, please register using the following link: Royal Latin School Lecture Registration. Humanimal Trust invites everyone to join this educational session, contributing to the promotion of One Medicine and its potential to revolutionize medical progress for the collective well-being of humans and animals alike.